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Name Alessandro da Silva           Name Esquerdinha

30 years Height 1.81 m Weight 74kg
Position Half Left, the Left Striker

Color White Blood Type
Date of Birth 08/02/1979
Birth Nationality Brazilian S. J. Rio Preto
Some foreign descent No What?
Marital Status Single How many Children
Membership Father José Carlos da Silva
Mother Mary Sines Jerome Silva
Address Av Mount Pleasant, 2483
Neighborhood Eldorado City S. J. Do Rio Preto SP State
Country Brazil CEP 15043-450
Phone 17-3236-4329 17-9621-2968
Identity Card 21993234-7 Voter 2778557301-16
CPF 281765218-50 Driver's License
Passport CP254278


Period clubs that played - which was disputed
Championships State / Country

1993   Rio Branco _ campeonato paulista_SP

1994 - 1995 America _campeonato Paulista-SP
1996 Vila nova-(Goias)_Goias State League Division 1_GO

1996/1997 SE Matonense-Campeonato paulista Serie A3 (champion)-Campeonato Paulista Serie A2 SP

Alabama/GO_Goias State League

1999 União São João de Araras_campeonato Paulista_SP
2000 Five Shandooy Buffolo ( China) – Chinese Championships

2001 Taquaritinga / SP – Campeonato Paulista

2002 Workers Mato Grosso do Sul – Campeonato Sul – Mato Grosso

2003/2004 International São Paulo – Campeonato Paulista Copa and the State of São Paulo

2004 Malaga B ( Spain) – do not hit by EU passport problems

2005 / 2006 Bar Heron MT – Champion and Runner-up

2007 Paraguasuense / SP – Campeonato Paulista

2008 Marsaxlokk ( Malta) League Division 1, division Honor

         Waterfall Esporte Clube Gaúcho Championship Division 2

Professional Football Player, having served as Left Midfielder, Striker on the left, and the main features are:
Releases with skill in passing, quick touches, easily beating the shortages and long-distance

Specialties: Facility very big on hitting the ball with his left leg.
Releases perfect, quick touches, ease of pitching and good positioning in the area.

sim amigo tenho 31 sim,sou canho nato,,,e que o cv e do ano passado falta ai ano passado CACERES 1 div mato grosso

 sei q meia ta faltando no mercado mandrake ainda mais canhoto,,vc vai ver o video sou muito tecnico....